We offer 3 cabin-style rooms at Quirky Woods  in distinct and diverse settings around the property.

Each cabin has a queen bed and unique decor/features that blends it with its surroundings. All bedding and towels etc are provided. Each cabin has heating, electric blankets, outdoor seating area and outdoor furniture. Parking is ample and free.

1   The Garden Room

This room is our largest and features a romantic canopy over the bed and retro-bohemian decor.

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Seagrass matting covers the floor and there is a set of drawers and 2 easy chairs. This room is in a garden setting by our house and closest to the shared guest bathroom facilities. Adjacent is the covered kitchenette/BBQ and covered seating area. Want some social interaction with us, our dog and other guests? This is the hub of Quirky Woods. Free wifi is available and the signal is strong.


2    The Cozy Cottage

Compact comfort, overlooking the orchard area. Relax in the afternoon sun on the elevated deck. Cottage-style decor in keeping with fully insulated and carpeted cabin.

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Shared guest cooking and bathroom facilities are accessed by walking around and up. Car parking is ample and free. A marquee can be erected for shelter from sun and rain. A hammock can be attached on the deck.

This is our no-frills cabin, yet provides a private and relaxed setting. Cook and eat it on your deck or stay and socialise if other guests are staying up in the garden area. Free wifi is available, signal is medium to strong.


3   The Morepork Forest Cabin

Our most private setting, at the start of Rimu Alley. This is where we have seen one of our native owls (moreporks) a number of times, sitting in the rimu trees.

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This is a 2 room fully insulated cabin with a pine floor. The Morepork provides a cozy bedchamber and separate “living” area which has its own small fridge, kettle, toaster, coffee, milk, tea, plates etc and a table and 2 seats, as well as a beanbag, deck and outdoor seating. Clean water is provided in a jerrycan….. you have all you need to start the day right there. Shared BBQ/cooking area by our home can be accessed after 10.30 am each day.

Shared bathroom facilities are also up by our home, a wee walk around and up (such is the price of privacy!!) or the longdrop toilet in the bush nearby could be an option…. Free wifi is available but may not reach at The Morepork.